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Here’s your January 2020 edition of Inform. An ‘end of 2019 appraisal, happy holidays and let’s embrace the new decade’ kind of production.

2019 was a heck of a year. Externally our markets and engagements are morphing in all sorts of directions. Segments we barely knew had terminology a few years back are now part of our staple diet. It’s now PPAs, renewable energy, proteins, plant-based nutrition, digitisation and data science. The common denominator associated with the crazy evolution of these markets is the talent piece. Our world. And it’s exciting. Inside our little boutique, things have been equally pushing in all directions. Some folk left, some joined – the spirit and drive stronger than ever. Our academy continually cultivates awesome youngsters and we mix the youth strategy with experienced hires across Singapore, HQ and even our new hub Southampton!


The common denominator associated with the crazy evolution of these markets is the talent piece

Our thought pieces, newsletters and videos have been well received by you guys – at least if I consider the stats. With ca. 1.7m views, 1500 comments and countless likes – our takeaway is that you like what we do.

Commodity Ultra

You even put up with my addiction to running and I managed some 9 big races this year across US, Europe and Asia. The legs are still holding up so bring on 2020. In fact – why don’t you join me? I am putting together a little running team for an endurance run on the Azores in April.

On a serious note, in this edition we have looked at some themes around the aforementioned Data Science talent trend. We have considered all the different sectors with this lens on. Furthermore, we are spicing this up with some steer from Head of Analytics, Jan Voetmann, a massive friend of this house – follow the link on one of the sector pages.

Have a fabulous break all, and here’s to an awesome 2020. See you next decade, Folks!

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